06.-08. Feb. 2015

International Techmeeting 2015
17th Annual Technical Diving Conference
Bratislava, Slovak republic
Hotel Bratislava

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Dear diving friends
It has already been three years since the first Techmeeting took place in an international format. Till this day I remember my great concerns before I began its preparation. When I asked participants of Techmeeting 2011, whether they agree with my proposal to hold Techmeeting 2012 with a broad international format, i.e. invite speakers from around the world and not only from our region, “yes” was the clear answer. However, constant incredulous questions came my way during preparation about the outcome of the event and whether it will be successful.

As you all know, Techmeeting 2012 went very well; as well as I could have wished for. I still receive a lot of positive responses and enthusiastic comments regarding this event. It was these positive responses that convinced me to also organize Techmeeting 2015, although I originally did not plan to. Indeed, the preparation of a Techmeeting with an international format requires several months of daily, intensive work.

I began preparing Techmeeting 2015 at the end of October and devoted practically every day to its preparation. I gradually began involving other colleagues in the preparation and I believe that the result will be as good as it could possibly be. I am intentionally not writing that it was better than TM2012. The reason for this is that it was one of my first decisions not to aim to outmatch TM2012. TM2012 is a thing of the past, so trying to do TM2015 in the same way, would not be a challenge. In diving I like challenges, unusual sites and dives, which is also why I set out to organize TM2015 a little differently to TM2012.

Here are a few "landmarks" of TM2015:

* Extreme deepfreediving.
One of the most visible ways by which you can recognize that TM2015 will be a bit different, is the invitation of Herbert Nitsch. Herbert is not a technical diver so I pondered over this idea for a long time. I am personally convinced that his performance in extreme deepfreediving has much in common with technical diving, which is, from the perspective of ordinary divers, quite extreme. Access to these forms of diving is different in intensity, logistics, equipment and the impact it has on one’s body and mind. Herbert is unique in that he shifted human limits to extreme lengths and such people exist among technical divers too. Some of them will also attend TM2015. Therefore, I decided to undertake this experiment, just like the experiment with TM2012 compared to the previous years. We will see how it goes, but the first signs are more than encouraging.

* Story of a photograph.
When thinking about the concept of TM2015 I was looking for a common central theme, which would represent TM2015. One time we sat together with Peter Klier at a gas station in Bratislava and debated about a theme related to TM2015. Petr is the author of a calendar that was exclusively made for TM2012. I personally like the originality in Petr’s work very much and having the photographs taken with a very unusual Hasselblad camera gives them a special atmosphere. Petr happened to mention to me that he has one interesting photo that he then sent to me. When I received it by email, I knew this was just what I was looking for. Looking at it, the first thought that came to my mind was: these are the roots of diving. It evokes within me an impression that this is the basis out of which different kinds of diving developed; the way that diving gradually developed in all different directions that we know in today’s modern era. This theme resonated within me so much that I decided to extend and materialize it. The rest shall be a surprise for visitors of TM2015!

* Topics TM2015 - wrecks and video.
The most frequent theme at Techmeetings tends to be cave diving. Therefore this year, I would like to give wreck diving the emphasis. At the moment I have several interesting speakers under consideration, but what the final composition of the talks will be, I cannot say for certain. But in any case I'm working very intensively on getting an assembly of speakers organized. The second topic, in this case a little unusual one for Techmeeting will be underwater videomaking. Today, very high quality video technology is made available at affordable prices. Therefore, on YouTube, Vimeo and other sites on the Internet, we can see a number of excellently processed videos. It is seen that the UW video is gaining relevance and quality. With amazement we watched the video footage of Krzyzseka Starnawski where he is making his way through the strait of the Hranicka abyss at a depth of over 200 m. Not so long ago it was absolutely unthinkable and those who know the history of Hranicka abyss, remember the trouble of ROV and the effort it took to document it on video. Since I became determined that I would include the theme of the underwater video at TM2015, I began thinking of who I could call to come and speak at the event. The first thing I thought of was going down the route of the highest level in the video industry and that is 3D and Ultra HD. Then I thought of this name as the only obvious option - Steve Lichtag. Why? You will see for yourself, when you attend Steve’s talks at TM2015. Steve is a producer, director and author of numerous films from the underwater environment beyond their time, which have a huge dimension from different perspectives. For several years now he has been dedicated to filming using cutting-edge technologies, such as recording in 5K resolution and 3D HD picture. He is currently completing a 3D movie, which will have its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in France next year. Steve is an extraordinary speaker, very witty and an entertaining person and therefore his talks are really enjoyed by the spectators. The highest level of underwater filming together with the technology that is associated with it, in my opinion, is well-fitting to be presented at a high-quality event such as Techmeeting.

* Awards and prizes.
Surely everyone who attends Techmeetings knows our Hall of Fame. This is where people from our region who made a timeless contribution to diving belong. However, there are people who have brought significant advancements and accomplishments in diving and that do not aspire to be named in the Hall of Fame, but deserve praise. Therefore, it occurred to me to introduce the tradition of valuing and acknowledging their contributions, which means that a more significant record would be made in the history of technical diving in our region. It may not be a general rule for each Techmeeting that such prizes will be awarded, but in the event that the organizers of that particular year agree on the names of some groups or individuals, the prizes will be awarded that year. I believe that at this year’s TM2015 there will be people who deserve appreciation and thus these prizes will be presented. Therefore, at the start of the program, a Techmeeting 2015 prize awarding ceremony will take place in several categories, and the audience will be made aware of who the awarded individuals are.

I cannot give away all the surprises that await the visitors of TM2015. I will now mention only two other things that are a bit unusual, but related to diving.

An interesting addition will be the opening and the marketing of a new fashion brand, which designs its clothes not only to be worn to diving events, but also for every day wearing. For those of us that diving forms a big part of our lives and have diving encoded in our genes, you could not immediately tell that we are divers. But it does not take much and those around us figure out where our hearts lie. The new fashion brand DIWEAR has a similar philosophy and therefore I am very happy that its leap onto the market will begin at TM2015. It was invented by talented young people and I believe that it will please all those who like things with a diving theme.

The second unusual part of the event will be the introduction of a general organization of divers in Slovakia. I developed this issue on numerous occasions, during interviews and with several people. I think the time has come to act and TM2015 is a great opportunity for its launch. More information will be available in the panel discussion on this topic.

In the selection of speakers and topics I am guided by the principle that the talk should not only be interesting, but also valuable in terms of the knowledge it provides. Currently we are experiencing great progress in technology for diving equipment, the development of innovative forms of diving, a qualitative shift in teaching, especially instructors who are intensively educated and looking for the most effective forms of teaching. I therefore believe that the audience will take away a lot of knowledge from the individual talks and hence extend the findings for their diving lives.

As the Slovak saying goes; you should not enter the same river twice. This is the way I also understand the organization of TM2015. One thing that TM2012 and TM2015 will have in common however, is the maximum commitment and effort put forth to make this event as good as possible. And this is exactly what I will strive for together with my colleagues.

Peter Kubicka, TM2015 organizer and author of the idea of the international format for Techmeetings,
Organizátor TM2015, Technical Diving Instructor Trainer


Contents of the International Techmeeting 2015
  • Thematic topics of talks at International Techmeeting 2015:
    • Cave
    • CCR/SCR
    • Wrecks
    • Decompression theories
    • History
    • Legends
    • Accidents
    • Side Mount&No Mount
    • Diving Equipment (Scooters, Diving Computers etc.)
    • Professional diving
    • Diving Medicine and Rescue
    • Freediving
    • Sport diving
    • Foto & Video
  • Hall of Fame
  • Awards of work for diving community
  • Raffle


Andrew Georgitsis is a worldwide known diver and promoter of Hogarthian/DIR/GUE/UTD diving principles and the founder of UTD (www.utdscubadiving.com) – Unified Team Diving, the training agency, UTD Equipment and UTD Diving community. In 1996 Andrew, was the developer and the first to start using Ratio deco - calculating a decompression schedule "on the fly“. After many years of practicing, Andrew developed widely used version now known as “UTD’s Ratio Deco“.

Andrew began diving in 1986 and move over to the Hogarthian/DIR mindset in the early 90’s. He became GUE Training director for 8 years and then for the last 8 years founded and developed UTD. He has taught thousands of divers around the world. Within the period from 1996 to 2004, when Andrew was the GUE Training director, GUE experienced extraordinary expansion and ranked among the world most popular training agencies. In 2007, after he left GUE, Andrew founded UTD International Inc. and set the goal of a "Unified Team Approach." Unified in philosophy, ethos, education,protocols and even equipment configurations for Side-Mount, Back Mounted and Closed Circuit systems. This enabled divers to not only implement the "mixed team" diving concept, but also supports divers who want a consistent “Diving Systems” and want to use the “Right Tool” or system for the job. UTD also allows access to all of its educational materials to instructors from other agencies to assist them in conducting their own courses in order to promote its own principles of safer diving.

During his diving carrer, Andrew has led or assisted in many diving projects, i. e. Korea Scientific Diving Project, Hall City Cave project (California) done in conjunction with California Academy of Sciences, The Shaft in Mt. Gambia exploration (Australia), deep cave exploration of The Pit (Mexico) with bottom times about 2,5 hour in the depth of 120 m. Further he has explored the HMHS Britannic (Greece), the HMS Victoria (Lebanon), the Maidan (Egypt) and the Graf Zeppelin (Poland).

Andrew has studied computer science and business management and also has been certified flight instructor and has an international 50 ton boat captains license.

Herbert NITSCH

A man with a strong life story.

Herbert Nitsch is the current freediving world record holder and “the Deepest Man on Earth”. This prestigious title was given to him when he then set the world record for freediving at an incredible depth of 214 meters (702 feet) in 2007 in the No Limit discipline.
On June 6th, 2012, Herbert surpassed his own record with a No Limit dive to 253.2 meters (830.8 feet), but suffered from severe decompression sickness (DCS-type 2). With a prognosis of remaining a "wheelchair-bound care-dependent patient", he dismissed himself from longterm facilitated care, and took his healing into his own hands. Two years later, against all odds, Herbert is training and deepfreediving again.
Herbert can hold his breath for more than 9 minutes and has set 32 world records in all of the 8 recognized disciplines – unrivaled achievements in the freediving history. He is the first freediver ever to go below 100m without fins or sled (Free Immersion), and the first to go below 200m on one breath (No Limit). Herbert held an additional world record in the traditional Greek freediving discipline Skandalopetra. He took a break from competition freediving in 2010 to focus solely on the No Limit discipline.
Unlike other elite freedivers Herbert is self-taught. He is a pioneer in every way. He developed his own freediving techniques over the years, a methodology that largely differs from the traditional styles. He brought many novel ideas and innovations to the sport, that meanwhile have become common elements in the current freediving scene.


Prof. Dr. Alessandro MARRONI. M.D.

Prof. Alessandro Marroni is the founder and President of DAN Europe, Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the International DAN.

He serves as Vice President of the European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM); President of the European Foundation for the Education in Baromedicine; and Secretary General of the European College of Baromedicine. He is a Past-President of the International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine, and of the European Underwater and Baromedical Society.

Prof. Marroni received his Medical Degree (Magna cum Laude) from the Bologna University and specialized in Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine at the University of Genova, Italy.
In 1974 he obtained the Post-Graduate Specialization Degree in Occupational Medicine, and in 1993 the Post-Graduate Specialization Degree in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.

While active in the international Underwater and Hyperbaric Medical scientific and diving communities, Prof. Marroni remained involved in clinical Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine and has served as Associate Professor of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine at the Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine Post Graduate School of the University of Chieti and at the Post Graduate School of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of the University of Ancona, between 1980 and 1997; Professor of Hyperbaric Medicine; and International Faculty Coordinator at the International Post-Graduate School of Baromedicine of the University of Belgrade Medical School, Yugoslavia, since 1997.

He has also serves as Professor of Diving Medicine at the post-graduate Masters Programme in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine at the University of Pisa, Italy, since 2005, at the University of Palermo, since 2011 and at the University of Padova since 2014.

An avid skin-diver since his early years, he learnt SCUBA diving at the age of 13 and became a Certified Diver with CMAS in 1964 and has been an Active SCUBA Instructor since 1966.

Author of over 250 scientific papers and publications, he is particularly active in underwater medicine research, with special interest in the prevention of DCI in recreational diving.

Prof. Costantino BALESTRA, MSc, PhD

Professor at Haute Ecole Paul Henri Spaak (Pôle Universitaire de Bruxelles Wallonie)
Vice-President DAN Europe Research & Education
President of European Underwater and Baromedical Society
Area Director DAN Europe Benelux & France

Born in 1964 in Udine, Italy. ‘Tino’ moved to Belgium after primary school, completing his schooling at the SHAPE International School. He completed a Masters degree in 1986, then started research in neurophysiology, successfully defending in 1995 his thesis on the physiology of human fatigue. An annexed thesis was on Doppler analysis of venous gas emboli in disabled SCUBA divers. This started his investigations on diving and other environmental physiology issues. He now teaches physiology, biostatistics, research methodology and biomechanics, as well as other subjects. Since 2000, Tino has been the Director, Environmental, Occupational and Ageing Physiology Laboratory and a full time professor at the Haute Ecole Paul Henri-Spaak (Brussels) – Pôle Universitaire Bruxelles-Wallonie. He is also part of the anatomy and morphology research unit of this institution, based on 10 years previous experience teaching anatomy. He lectures on the pathophysiology of diving on several internationally recognized courses and at the Scuola Superiore Sant’ Anna in Pisa. He is Vice President of DAN Europe for research and education and Vice President of EUBS (European Baromedical Society), and takes over as President in 2012. Tino has co-authored two books, one on “Patent foramen ovale and the diver” (in English) and another on communication skills (in French), as well as being author or co-author of over 150 scientific publications and contributing sections to several book on diving physiology and field research on divers. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Applied Physiology and a reviewer for eight other journals. On the non-professional side, Tino speaks six languages, being fluent in Italian, French and English.


  • Since 15/09/2001 Lecturer for the pedagogic habilitation studies (Université Libre de Bruxelles) (Pôle Universitaire de Bruxelles Wallonie

  • Since 01/05/2002 Full Time Professor Haute Ecole Paul Henri Spaak. (Pôle Universitaire de Bruxelles Wallonie) 
Director of the Environmental & Occupational Physiology Laboratory (Haute Ecole Paul Henri Spaak)

  • Since 17/05/2000 Special Projects Director for Europe for the Diving Safety Lab (DAN Europe)
Since 20/03/2000 Lecturer for the Belgian Osteopathic College. (Methodology of Applied research).

  • Since 11/08/1999 International Consultant on disbaric problematics applied on Astronauts.

  • Since 23/02/1998 School of Medicine University of Belgrade: Visiting Professor at the post graduate studies in Baromedicine.

  • Since 09/2004 Expert for the Belgian Habilitation Commission C.A.P.A.E.S.

  • Since 28/06/2004 Part Time Professor at tha Padua University (3 Credits) in Motor Sciences (Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Corso integrato di scienze e tecniche del movimento II, Attività formativa : Principi e metodi di valutazione motoria e attitudinale.

  • Since 2004 Legal Expertises; National and International on Scuba Diving problematics 
Since 15/4/2005 Part time professor at the SCUOLA SUPERIORE Sant'ANNA (Pisa) , Complements of physiopathology of diving. (10 h/yr)

  • Since 11/12/ 2006 Expert pour la commission Européenne pour l'évaluation des crédits à octroyer.

  • Since 8/12/2006 Member of the Belgian National Scientific Board for Motor Sciences


  • 2006: Winner of the Contest Spin Off in Brussels; winner with the Flomedi project on Flow Mediated Dilation.

  • 2004: Per Zetterström for best Poster at the EUBS (European Baromedical Society) Annual Meeting (Ajaccio)

  • 2002: Award "DAN-EUBS 2002" To foster hyperbaric Medicine and Physiology; together with P.Germonpré.

  • 1988: Winner of the Prize of the VAN GOETHEM-BRICHANT Foundation for the project: "Pour une une plus grande mobilité des personnes handicapées se déplaçant en chaise roulante".

  • 1996: Winner of the Prize "KINE 2000" for the study of the permeability of the cardiac foramen ovale in handicapped divers. 

  • 1995: "Meritorious Educational Excellence Award for innovation, leadership and professionalism in diving education for the disabled person" (PADI Europe)


  • Author and co-author of more than 150 Scientific publications
  • Co-author of 2 Books:
    • Balestra C, Germonpre P, Marroni A & Cronje FJ. (2007). PFO and the DIVER. Best Publishing, Flagstaff, AZ (USA).

    • Balestra C, Boancheaux E & Balestra C. (2008). Introduction à la CommuniCaCtion. Die Keure / La charte, Bruges.
    • Participation in several Book Sections
  • Member of the Editorial Board 
European Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine, Journal
European, Journal of Applied Physiology
  • Reviewer for: Journal of Applied Physiology, 
European Journal of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, 
British Journal of Sports Medicine, 
European Journal of applied Physiology, 
European Journal Of Neurophysiology, 
International Journal of Ultrasound Medicine 
Applied Physiology & Nutrition
, Journal of Sport Sciences


Explorer cave diver. One of the key divers of EKPP - European Karst Plain Project.

In 6.8.2003, he and his dive partner Reinhard Buchaly, explored the Doux de Coly cave system in France to 5880 m (19 291 feet), making this the longest European underwater cave penetration to date.
The descent lasted 17.5 hours. (07:05-00:35) at a water temperature of 13 degrees C.
Each of the two divers used five Gavin Scooters - equipped with LEDs and NiMH batteries - bail out (backup) plans for the possible failure of up to 3 scooters. Decompression habitat has been placed in 27 m. Used gases travel TX50/25, bottom TX19/65, decompression gases Tx 30/40, 35/35 and 50/25. Low Oxy breaks with Tx15 / 55 for the reduction of oxygen toxicity and from 9 m in habitat Oxygen was used.
The length of one siphon, without the possibility of resurfacing, puts him in 5th place in the world (the first three are tunnels Wakulla Springs in Florida and the fourth is Bananeiracave in Brazil). Doux de Coly still belongs to the incredibly challenging flooded cave systems in the world and is rightly regarded as the place where the history of technical cave diving was developed and Michael belongs to this history. International European project EKPP is historically one of the most important projects in cave diving. The group consisted of about 30 divers from several European countries (Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Spain) and focused on extreme dives in the most difficult areas in the period between 2001-2010, mainly using the RB80 rebreather and Gavin scooters. During the dives they used the concept of the redundant rebreather for cave diving, which was developed by Olivier Isler, using his RI2000. In addition to Doux de Coly, the Gourneyras and Source de Vis are among some of the most famous projects. All dives were conducted using the DIR philosophy, developed by the Florida extreme cave diving team WKPP. The similarity between the names of the EKPP and the WKPP reflects the friendly relationship between these teams.



There are some who would consider Brett Hemphill a living legend when it comes to cave diving in America. In 2009 the USA deep cave record was set by Brett along with Corey Merns and Paul Heinerth, assisted by KARST team members at Weeki Wachee, 1,950.72 meters in and 125 meters deep. In January 2013 Brett and Andrew Pitkin explored Phantom Springs in Texas, 2,200 meters in at a final depth of 142 meters, breaking the record once again for the deepest naturally formed underwater cave system in the USA. In September 2014 after 7 long years explorers Brett Hemphill and Andy Pitkin assisted by KARST team members connected the Weeki Wachee and Twin Dees Cave. The 12 hours dive with the total travel length of length of over 4,400meters and maximum depth of 92.5 made it the deepest underwater connection between 2 caves in the USA.
Brett has been cave diving since 1990 and has documented and explored underwater caves in Florida, Bahamas, Missouri, Texas, Dominican Republic and Mexico. During that time with the assistance of friends and team members Brett has discovered over a dozen new caves in Florida alone. Brett has been the President of Karst Underwater Research (KUR) for a decade. The organization is currently maintains multiple permits in Florida for cave documentation, science and research.
He has been using a CCR Since 2005. During that time he consulted and supported KISS Rebreathers. He currently dives and consults with Hammerhead CCR. Brett has filmed and assisted in the filming of multiple underwater cave documentaries throughout the years.
Brett is the designer of the ARMADILLO side-mount configuration and has been the recipient of awards for cave exploration and mapping. The latest award was explorer of the year, which was shared by himself and Andrew Pitkin at TEK DIVE USA 2014.
Brett Hemphill consults and speaks regularly on: aquifer and cave conservation, exploration logistics, side-mount & re-breather configurations, safety, designs and there usage in overhead environments.


Cave diver and explorer, who pushes the boundaries of technical CCR diving with a global success.

World Record - the deepest CCR dive -283m

In the table of deepest cave dives is between 140 items Krzysztof has 13 dives (15th place 223 meters Hranicka Abyss/CZ, 20. 217m HA/CZ, 21. 215m HA/CZ, 23. 210m HA/CZ, 30. 196m HA/CZ, 32. 193m Elefante Bianco/Italy, 33. 192m Goul du Pont/France, 42. 181m HA/CZ, 57. 150m Elefante Bianco/Italy, 73. 134m Goul du Pont/France, 89. 123m Saint-Sauveur/France, 109. 113m The Pit/Mexico, 137. 101m Goul Tennerie/France) and he is already written in the history of extreme cave diving.

Currently he is the leader of the National Geographic project „Hranická propast – step beyond 400 m“. In October this year during his dive to the depth of 215 m he managed to measure the new maximum depth of 384 m by a probe, hence the abyss compete for the first place of the world deepest flooded caves.
Krzysztof explores flooded cave systems at several locations over the word. In Mexiko he tries to connect the systems Dos Ojos and Sac Actun, in France and Italy he explores the deep passages at the depths about 190 m and deeper. He has explored the cave systems also in Serbia, Albania and Poland.
In Poland he is almost regularly awarded the national prizes: Kolosy 1999 – the deepest dive (131 m, Hranická propast), Kolosy 2000 - the deepest dive (181 m, Hranická propast), Kolosy 2006 – North Pole diving, Kolosy 2012 – the world record for the CRR dive (283 m, Dahab), Waldek Mucha Prize 2014 - projekt „Hranicka Propast – step beyond 400 m”.
Krzysztof has been diving since 80’s. He is a diving instructor in several training systems, further he is a kitesurfing, climbing and skiing instructor. He has been a member of the Tatra Voluntary Rescue Service (TOPR) since 1989. In 2002 Krzysztof was a member of the team that discovered and identified the wreck of M/S Goya, one of the worst maritime disasters.
Last few years Krzysztof spends his time working and exploring all over the world. He is the author of Dual HammerHead rebreather. Mostly he likes to dive alone, because, as he says, he feels safer then.


Film producer and director of 3D HD film "Shark 3D ODYSSEY"

President of the foundation Crystal Planet, for the protection of underwater flora and fauna.
Author of a number of environmental projects and science films.
Other important projects and films:

  • 1988 - three part documentary "Quo vadis Cambodia"
  • 1989 - the documentary series "Siberia - Land of Sorrow, Land of Hope"
  • 1995 - thematic work "Searching for Crystal World"
  • 2000 - famous documentary "Carcharias - The Great White", which premiered in 2001 on NBC.
  • 2002 - bestseller book "Waiting for White Death"
  • 2004 - founded the International Film Festival "Water - Sea - Oceans".
  • 2004 - "Dance of the Blue Angels" the foolish and brutal killing of whales by Japanese fishermen.
  • 2006 - "Bizarre World" made in 2006 points to the controversial but legal elektro-hunting of fish in the Czech rivers.
  • 2006 - "The Myth Called Shark", again with the theme of the great white shark.
  • 2010 - "Last Hunters" is about the rough life on the island Lembata and its last traditional hunters.
  • 2015 - "SHARK ODYSSEY 3D" film about the unique natural environment of these predators, made the effort to capture the most authentic scenery using the latest film-making technologies 5K 3D HD

In 2007, he became the eighth holder of the prestigious Kantuta which is awarded under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. He joined the other holders of this price: Thore Heyrdahl, Miroslav Zikmund, Jiří Hanzelka, Dr. Miloslav Stingl, Jan Špáta, Prof. Pavel Prošek and the polar explorer Dr. Josef Sekyra.
Steve Lichtag's film projects receive support and endorsement of the Ministries of Environment and Foreign Affairs. He collaborates with people such as: William Parks, Dr. Erich Ritter, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Dr. Samuel Gruber, or Garry Atkinson. He is a member of several international film juries and institutions dealing with nature and their protection.
Because of the high viewing audience and denouncing the value of projects Steve Lichtag have a broad impact on public opinion worldwide.
Due to the high viewing rate and the consequent value of Steve Lichtag's projects, he has had a broad impact on the public opinion worldwide.
Lichtag’s films have received more than 60 international awards in 18 countries.
The company Twin Star Film founded by Steve Lichtag in 2001, focuses on films from under the water's surface using top technology: Technology 5K RED EPIC film cameras, 3D Technology Productions & Post Production.



Professional UW photographer specialized on photographing deep wrecks.
The author of two diving books (Diving for gold and treasures, Diving to war wrecks).
Wreck expeditions: HMS Victoria (140m depth), French submarine Protée (Q.155) (127m depth), Natal (120m depth), German submarine U-455 (120m depth), German submarine U-2511 (70 m depth).


Doctor and diving instructor, who has been at the origin of technical diving in the Czech Republic. He is one of the most experienced and competent specialist in the field of hyperbaric medicine and decompression sickness. Around 2000 David and his colleagues founded an association of open-minded divers called Ezechiel, declaring experimental style of technical diving. From this group he later switched to diving CCR rebreathers.
In 1998 in the Hranicka Abbys he made a dive to 130 meters with his colleague Marek Haša and thus they set the Czech record for the deepest dive. As an expedition member to Cuba (1989) and Sardinia (1998) David became a co-discoverer of flooded cave systems Tanque azul and Grotta del utopica.
David has been diving since 1982 and since 1986 he has been a member of the Czech speleological society, caving club 7-02 Hranický kras. Since 1996 he is a doctor and diving instructor of Mine rescue service in Ostrava (Czech Republic), where he got a silver cross – a mine rescue award of merit for extraordinary life saving rescue in 2005.
David is also a judicial expert in the field of Medical aspects of diving, member of the executive committee of the Czech Society of Hyperbaric and Aviation Medicine of the Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně. He is the author of several journal articles, speaker at scientific conferences and also holder of certificate to provide a medical support for commercial diving.
During his diving career David has contributed to the development of technical diving training concept in the Czech Republic, become an instructor of several training agencies and become the author of many training manuals and text books. As a doctor and safety diver he has participated in the record breaking dives of the professional freediver Martin Štěpánek.

Sebastian POPEK

Instructor Trainer, Instructor Trimix & Technical Wreck Level

Started diving more less 20 years ago. From begging connected to wrecks especially wrecks on Baltic sea.
As a chef and diver (Baltic Wreck Association)
2009 Graf Zeppelin Expedition with Maritime Office to check the cargo and identify the risks for divers. 68- 88 meters depth.
2008 Bremenhaven Expedition with Baltic Wreck Association – wreck dives to the depth of 65-70 m to identify the wreck of German ship Bremenhven
2006 - Expedition with Maritime Office of Gdynia to the wreck so called "Barrel Wreck" to check the cargo and identify the unknown wreck resting at 70m depth
2006 - Wilhelm Gustloff Expedition with Maritime Office of Gdynia
2006 – Unknow uboat in Gdansk Bay.
2004 – 2009 few minors expedition to unknown wrecks on Polish Authorities Waters. Depths from 30 to 96 meters.
As a diver only
2004 – unknow sailing ship with Central Maritime Museum
2004-cooperation with Polish National TV on television series “Underwater Poland”. Diver on about 16 episodes ( wrecks - Franken, Bremer Westen, Agnes, Uboot, V31).
Founder and President of Baltic Wreck Association.
Founder and co-owner wrecks Web portals: www.balticwrecks.com, www.wrecksdiving.com
Lecture: Wrecks of Scotland and Ireland
Abstrakt: Presentation of unknown in our part of europe Scotland called Scottish Boarder. And most know part of Ireland - Malin Head. In this part of coast laying over 200 known wrecks. I will show you part of them most known and interesting.


In contrast to many "diving stars" considers himself just a simple diver, consequently gaining experience and discovering new possibilities of getting closer into underwater world. Always ready to share his knowledge with those who are willing to learn more about what diving can be. Member of Nuno Gomes Guinness World Record Team in 2005, explorer of seas and caves within many areas: from underwater archeology and discovering wrecks in Black Sea up to searching for endangered species in Banco Chincorro and Andamans & Nicobars. Instructor Trainer of numerous federations: DAN IT, EFR IT, IANTD Trimix IT, CCR Technical Cave IT, CCR Technical Wreck IT, Advanced Cave Side Mount IT, Trimix Blender IT and Trimix Expedition Instructors.
Lecture: New concept of electronics architecture in rebreather design. APECS 2.7A - [3.0] - ISCan 4.0

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arne SIEBER

Researcher working in research and development of advanced diving systems. He graduated from the technical university of Graz/Austria in the field of biomedical engineering. He started working in R&D of sensor technologies for Roche Diagnostics and obtained his PhD in 2002. With that strong background in medical sensor technologies, he then started to improve rebreather systems by incorporating new sensor systems always having in mind the goal to increase safety of rebreathers. Specializing in the future of sensor technology.

Prof. MUDr. Frantisek NOVOMESKY, PhD.

Court expert in the field of health.
Sector: Hyperbaric / Diving Medicine.
Specialisation: Injuries and fatal accidents of divers.

European Diving Technology Committee
European Underwater and Baromedical Society
Swiss Underwater and Hyperbaric Medical Society

prof. MUDr. Radek Pudil, Ph.D.

Works as a cardiologist at the 1st Department of Cardioangiology, University Hospital Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. He is a member of the Medical Commission of the Czech Divers Association (CMAS). He has done scuba diving for more than 15 years (over 600 dives in warm and cold waters). He is focused on the effect of diving on cardiovascular system. In this field, he performed several research projects in collaboration with Czech and international research teams.


Diver, doctor at the air rescue service, executive of the dispatching rescue services in Prague, pilot and dispatcher of the aeronautical information services. In addition to medicine of critical conditions, one of the main areas of his professional interest are the issues of human and team performance in crisis situations (CRM - crisis resource management), failure management and analysis of non-standard situations.
Lecture: Looking at a diving accident a little bit differently.
Abstract: The subject of the lecture is a brief introduction to the theory of CRM and further analysis of a specific tragic diving accident, not only in terms of immediate technical mechanisms, but also considering the deeper root causes which consequently contributed to the particular accident.

MUDr. Ladislav BARATH

Otorhinolaryngologist / ear-nose-throat specialist / with over 20 years of experience. Recreational diver, now only supervising his son who is a photographer - freediver. One of my professional interests is the issue of diving and water sports in ENT.
Lecture: Practical advice from an otorhinolaryngologist to divers
Abstract: More than 80% of health problems in divers are caused by diseases in the ENT area. Most of them are not dangerous, but can severely compromise the diving experience. In the lecture I will describe several of these situations and propose practical solutions which proved successful to me during my professional experience.

Dr. Frank HARTIG

Senior physician in emergency medicine and diving medicine at University hospital in Innsbruck/Tirol/Austria,.
Examiner in technical and recreational diving at Barakuda International Diving Schools. Former elite freediver with 08:01 static apnoe. Active researcher in diving medicine and especially in decompression physiology of trimix cold water dives up to -100mt.
The lecture: Coldness as a major influence factor to trimix decompression

Dr. Miroslav ROZLOZNIK, PhD.

Lecturer at Faculty of Natural Sciences Comenius Universtity Bratislava
Area manager DAN Europe Slovensko
Leading instructor of diving school LE Divers

Scientist and diving instructor working in the area of diving physiology and hyperbaric medicine. Miroslav particated in PHYPODE and focuses his research on decompression stress and experimental hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Diver, inventor, designer and manufacturer of diving equipment.
Author patented method of gas analysis and measurement Analyzer He/O2 Divesoft, diving computer CCR Freedom and Liberty.


Diver, instructor, photographer, writer. How to calculate decompression tables he wondered at the first diving courses, in 1992. The decompression modeling is part of his work for the company Divesoft which produced dive computer and electronic rebreather.

Lecture: Decompressiin model extension for short deep dives
Abstract: Commonly used deco models are not suitable for short, high depth dives. Deep stops algorithm accgording to R. Pyle do not takes into account fluctuations in ascent rate, its implementation for diving computer is difficult. The proposed extension of the model approximates physiological conditions, when offgassing delays for ongasing. Generated profiles correspond to empirical evidence, the implementation of a dive computer and planning software is very easy and the model takes into account ascent delays.


Instructor Trainer IANTD, inventor, designer and manufacturer of diving equipment.
Specializing in the under water management of crisis situations.
The lecture will address stress management, management of under water crisis situations and their prevention.

David CANI

Freediving Instructors International Europe manager, Cave and SCR instructor

F.I.I.Europe manager / freediving Instructor Trainer
ASTD co-founder & Training Director, Technical Cave,TMx and RB Instructor Trainer

  • organizer and main safety freediver in XTB World Record Challenge events
  • member of the Czech Speleological Society / ZO 702 - Hranický Kras
  • organizer and deep diver / projects and explorations in Hranice Abyss
  • pSCR designer TresPresidentes


Representative of the Czech Republic in freediving, specializing in the discipline of static apnea.
Achievements: 3rd place in the world Majstrovstá discipline static apnea (Belgrade 2013), 1st place European Championships in the discipline static apnea (Tenerife 2014).
The world record holder CMAS (time 7:45) and Czech national record AIDA (time 7:13 min.).
The President of the Czech Republic AIDA (International Association for the Development of Freediving).

Lecture: Static apnoe – you have to fight for each minute
Abstract: Gabriela Grezlova made great last October in freediving pool discipline called static apnoe. In this discipline freediver holds his/her breath for as long as possible with his/her respiratory tracts immerged. At European Apnea World Championship held in Tenerife, she made it to 7 minutes and 45 seconds and set a new CMAS world record. What is according to her experience important for maximum performance in this discipline? What was her training plan for the world record? We will talk about diet, equipment, stretching, mental preparation, apnoe training and further details neccessary for top achievement in this discipline.


Czech and Slovak representative in freediving. World Vice-Champion in the discipline of constant weight without fins. World record holder, continental and several national records mostly in diving without fins. Member of the International freediving team Apneaman.
Lecture: Freediving on own power - diving without fins


Apnea Academy Instructor in freedive school led by Umberto Pelizzari. The current president Bratislava Slovakia Freedive Team and still active representative of Slovakia in Freediving.
Lecture: Freediver is in each of us.

Milan AIS

Diver specializing in custom search for lost objects using metal detectors. Treasure hunter in 2014 founded xDive, which became a subsidiary of the site www.lovecpokladu.cz to find underwater. Currently working with archaeologists to survey and mapping of archaeologically unexplored lakes and rivers in Czech republic. Author upcoming online catalog underwater finds for divers and professionals.
Lecture: Treasure hunters or underwater archeology

Mgr. Barbora MACHOVÁ

Since the first year of her studies of Archaeology on Masaryk University Barbora Machová has been focus on landscape archaeology. Nowadays she is working on her PhD thesis with the aim „Archaeology of the river“. Within her thesis she applies foreign methodology of underwater archaeology with special focus on Bohemia and Moravia. Every year she attends International Symposium on Underwater Archaeology. She was in charge of a step archaeological research of river Labe in cooperation with XDIVE team .
Team lecture with Milan Ais – treasure hunters alias underwater archaeology. The lecture deals with the urge of intersubject cooperation between divers treasure hunter and archaelogist.

Potential Speakers

If you think you have an interesting theme to present for the International Techmeeting 2015, please contact us. Your projects, expeditions, theories or technology - we want to hear about it.

Model of a 60 minute presentation:
Duration of the talk: 50' Discussion with the audience: 10'

Model of a 30 minute presentation:
Duration of the talk: 25' Discussion with the audience: 5'


All talks/presentations will be interpreted simultaneously from English to Slovak, and from Slovak to English. If there will be thirty or more visitors from another country (PL, HU, DE/AUT, IT, RU, ...), interpretation will be provided to the language of that given country.

Terms and Conditions for exhibitors on International Techmeeting 2015

All exhibitors are very welcome and the conditions to becoming an exhibitor are very simple:

  1. There is no monetary fee for an exhibition space. The exhibition space can be acquired by simply donating a prize to the raffle, which will be the highlight of the International Techmeeting 2015 program.
  2. For a 5m2 exhibitor space, exhibitors must offer a raffle prize which equals the amount of 150 €. The prize could, for example, be the exhibitors products.
  3. If the exhibitor requires a space larger than 5m2, the prize offered must equal the multiple of the space desired. For example: 10 m2 = prize equal to 2x150 € = 300 €, 15 m2 = prize equal to 3x150 €= 450 €, etc.
  4. The exhibitor may place an advertisement banner into the main room of the International Techmeeting 2015.
  5. The exhibitor may add his promotional materials into the welcome package, which every visitor will obtain.
  6. The exhibitor may place his digital presentation onto an official DVD, which will be received by all visitors.
  7. The exhibitor may use the small hall for his presentation, which will be announced in the official program of the International Techmeeting 2015.
  8. The exhibitor will personally award the prize of the raffle by announcing the winner, and may address a short speech to the audience.
  9. Organizator will put the exhibitors logo on our web page (www.techmeeting.eu). Conditions are valid from 31/12/2011.
The exhibitor will pay 200 EUR registration fee from 1/1/2015.

Accommodation in hotel, where is venue Techmeeting 2015

City Hotel Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovak republic
Accommodation and meals can be booked simultaneously with the payment of the participation fee. High-speed WiFi throughout hotel area.


hotel rooms

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Ticket price per person:

  • Booked before 31.12.2014: € 50
  • Booked after 1.1.2015: € 60
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Ticket sales will close on the 01.02.2015 to support any necessary organizational and technical formalities.
Buying tickets on-site will not be possible.
Ticket sales may be terminated sooner if the full capacity of the hall is reached prior to the scheduled date.
The price of the ticket includes admission to all three days of the TM2015 for one person.
The entrance ticket is also your ticket for the raffle which will be held at the end of the TM2015 program.
For more information, see FAQ.

Phone number
Entrance fee for presentations/talks (70 €)
Headphones rental for simultaneous translation (5 €)
Reception (15 €)
Saturday meals (lunch, dinner) (11 €)
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Fri/Sat accommodation and breakfast (25 €)
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give for participants in the raffle this exclusive prize:

Freedom Closed Circuit

Freedom Closed Circuit is a higher version of DIVESOFT technical diving computers. It includes all features from previous versions, plus CCR on-line decompression with three oxygen cells connection possibility, constant PO2 decompression algorithm. All for nitrox and helium diluent mixtures and up to 9 off-board/bail-out gases. Freedom Closed Circuit is made with high precision and quality and durability tested to 600m (2000 ft). The well-arranged TFT display is highly readable in harsh conditions and bad visibility. Freedom has vibrating alarms for attention.
Freedom Closed Circuit contents:
  • Freedom Closed Circuit computer
  • O2 cells connection cable
  • USB charger
  • bungee gum
  • fastening strap or fastening strap for dry suit
  • silicon protective sleeve
Links of product:
Product link
Product link 2

Set Diver Max

Set Diver Max was compiled for divers, who prepare Nitrox and Trimix, need to measure resistance and voltage and want to have analyzer stored in the watertight case Seahorse.
Set Diver Max contents:
  • Analyzer He/O2
  • Watertight case
  • Standard flow limiter
  • Connecting hose
  • Ohmmetr
  • Voltmetr
  • Measuring cables
  • Power adapter
  • Spare parts
Link of product:Poduct link

give for participants in the raffle this exclusive prize:
Scooter Suex XJOY 2 - Suex - 1440 €

High quality scooters from Italian manufacturer Suex. Reliability is the cornerstone of Suex scooter's!
Suex XJOY2 is recereational scooter with a 60 min burn time. Being light weight at 14,7 Kg, it travels comfortably at 50 metres a minute. Max. depth rated to 80m.
1x XJOY2 + Saltwaterweight + Charger + Towleash + Towharness + Batt. "ready to dive"
Link of product

give for the raffle at Techmeeting 2015 any technical diving course according to your choice worth up to 1000 EUR.

The course can be completed with any Instructor - Training Director, namely: Josef Lukes, David Skoumal or David Cani. Plus ASTD bag for regulators and ASTD wetnote.
More details personally immediately after the draw or at www.astd.eu

give for participants in the raffle this exclusive prize:
Diving safari on the Elba island.

A week-long diving package for a group of 8 divers on the boat Modern Gypsy on the island of Elba worth € 960.
The package includes 12 dives while staying on the boat, including renting diving bottles with air, load, transport to the site and support.

give for participants in the raffle this exclusive prize:
Dry Diving Trilaminate Suit EXTRA PLUS (plastic zipper) worth 930 €

This is an upgraded model suit EXTRA plastic waterproof zipper Masterseal® 10 (TIZIP).
The AGAMA-EXTRA+ suit is the most used diving suit, suitable for leisure diving, occupational diving and professional diving. It meets all requirements for safe diving and user comfort when using suitable under-suit. The suit AGAMA-EXTRA+ is made of trilamintate fabric made by the English company Ferguson.
Material composition: three- layer fabric consisting of the external exceptionally abrasion resistant cordur fabric, the rubber membrane and the internal polyester fabric. Total material weight: 560-620 g/m2.
Resistance: maintaining constant material properties to –15°C.
Construction of the suit: "telescopic torso" enabling adjustment of the length of the suit to the height of the user´s body without limiting his/her movement. Seams: stitched and taped by 28 mm waterproof tape.
Waterproof plastic zipper: covered by placket with plastic zipper is placed on the front side of the suit.
Braces: inner rubber braces are part of the suit.
Crotch strap with buckle: fastens the front part of the suit and rear upper part.
Sizes: 15 standard sizes or tailored suit.
Cuffs, boots, hoods, valves: standard or alternative options.
Each suits comes supplied standards with the bag – underlay.
The suit is certified according to the valid state testing EN.
Link of product:Product link

give for participants in the raffle this prize:
Voucher for ordered dry made-to measure suit DL170 worth 740 EUR (dry suit worth 1250 EUR)

DL170 drysuit
Dive Labs drysuits differ from other manufacturers products in many things and we offer a lot more than just a drysuit. The DL170 drysuit includes reinforcements, two pockets, velcro taped suspenders, glued seams and easily replaceable valves.
We are dedicated to make sure that every single drysuit and diving accessory comes off the production line is the best quality we can deliver. Our products go through several tests before we hand them over to their new owner.
We pay extra attention to small details as this makes the difference between a custom made product and standardized production. Dive Labs drysuits are made individually because every customer is unique, every size, every shape and requirement is different and we must make sure our customers receive a product exactly what they wanted and paid for. The pattern:
We believe that one of the most significant detail when making a drysuit is the pattern. Our specialised patterns are completely tuned to the diver's needs and to the particular features of the trilaminated fabric, making the user always feel comfortable even when spending hours underwater. DL170 is a front entry model drysuit, which makes getting dressed fast and easy without any help. The reinforcements:
Due to the reinforcement Cordura® fabric put on the right places, these drysuits are almost invulnerable even in the roughest conditions. With this extra layer of strong fabric the drysuits are extremely resistant and can live a much longer life and be the best buddy for many years.
Specification of DL170 drysuit:
  • Lightweight Trilaminated fabric (Nylon/Butyl rubber/Nylon).
  • 500 Cordura® reinforcement on critical points: upper body, outer arms, bottom, legs.
  • Latex neck seal.
  • Latex conical wrist seal.
  • Your choice of metal or plastic dry zip, covered by an outer cover plastic zip.
  • Inlet vale is placed in the middle of chest.
  • Zippers are running next to each other to prevent abrasion.
  • Sewed with extra strong Cordura® thread.
  • Seams are sealed with Aquasure.
  • Velcro taped suspenders.
  • Telescoping torso.
  • Includes two 1000 Cordura® thigh pockets with flaps, both pockets has two separate cells for the spare equipment.
  • No glue technique: Apeks swivel valves are fixed in with a rubber valve port to avoid gluing. This way it is easy to replace the valve while repairing, without damaging the drysuit.
  • Flexible rubber soled boots.
  • Dry suit bag.
  • Neoprene hood.

  • Dry socks.
  • Bottleneck wrist seal.
  • Reinforcement colours: black / red / blue / orange / yellow / grey / camouflage

  • Kevlar reinforcements on elbows, knees, bottom.
  • Extra valve.
  • Plastic cuff seals.

Produkt link

give for participants in the raffle this exclusive prize:
Sophisticate dive computer SEABEAR H³ SMART WATCH worth 850 €

Sophisticate dive computer SEABEAR H³ SMART WATCH

H³ is the first watch size dive computer with a color OLED screen. It is manufactured from the toughest materials - 316L stainless steel and a scratch resistant sapphire window.
H³ is not only a sophisticate dive computer. The precise compass and the altimeter are ideal for outdoor activities. Last but not least, its stylish design makes it the ideal companion for daily life. Core component of the H³ is a ultra low power 32-bit microcontroller. A precise 24-bit ambient pressure sensor is used to measure depth and altitude. Data are store on a 32-MBit Flash Memory.
ZH-L16 Algorithm
H³ uses the Buehlmann ZH-L16 algorithm together with Gradient Factors. The algorithm is based on 16 compartments for Nitrogen and 16 compartments for Helium. With up to 8 pre-programmable gases it is possible to use the H³ for the most sophisticated technical dives. A 16 compartment bar graph visualizes inert gas loadings during the dive. The H³ comes as Nitrox dive computer and can be upgraded for multigas, trimix and CCR diving.
Color OLED screen
The crisp 1.7” color OLED screen is easily readable under all conditions. Especially in deep, night and cave diving the bright and high contrast screen is much easier to read than conventional LCD screens.
Multi-screen display
Select which data to display: You can switch the H³ between several screens.
A 3-axis tilt compensated digital compass will facilitate navigation – in diving as well as during other outdoor activities.
The integrated pressure sensor allows using the H³ as altimeter from 0-10000m altitude.
USB Port
Connect the H³ to a USB port to charge the inbuilt Li-Ion battery and to download dive data from the 32-MBit Flash Memory or to update the Firmware. Firmware updates can be downloaded from the SEABEAR website free of charge.
Smart Watch
The SEABEAR H³ is the first dive computer equipped with a Near Field Communication Interface (NFC) for seamless integration into mobile environments. Dive data can easily be downloaded to NFC enabld smart phones without the need for pairing the devices.
Social Networks Ready
An app is available for Android phones to download and visualize dives. Share your dive profiles and data with a single touch on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

give for participants in the raffle this prize:
Weekly stay for two person, worth EUR 800

The price includes diving, accommodation on board, transportation to site, rent bottles and weight, filling of bottles and everything related to Cruises (blankets, fuel, fresh water etc.). The ship is equipped with kitchens and refrigerators.
Boat full of perfect diving experiences in Southern France - free
When you are looking for great wreck diving with accomodation on boat in Southern France to see the wrecks from 1. and 2. World War plus oversized morayes, octopuses, garupas and many more..... You don't have to draggle your gear from land to the boat and back because you will be on Catamaran Belina. The crew will take care to be always fully inflated bottle so you could at any time to jump into the water. They will also give you a perfect briefing to have the best experience of diving. For sure, the crew will take care of the good mood on board. If this is all you want, I congratulate you, you won one week stay for two people completely free and you will have all this.

1 week 1 person liveboard trip on Miracle 1 in Year 2015 worth 750 EUR

If in your spear time you look for the harmony of experiences and the forces of nature, a Liveaboard safari is always a big adventure. You can descover remout dive sites where can admire the untouched coral reef and unique living world. On the Liveaboard there is far more convenience as you can experience on a daily trip or at the shore dive. Don't need carry the tanks like on the daily boats. Every equipment what you need for can be stored assembly during the week. Moreover if you have to jump to the sea abruptly becouse there is a special occaison for diving your equipment is at yours disposal. During the trip you have possibility for early morning dive that show you an other face of the red sea life. Among the dives the meals are prepared so these are always fresh and warm. Nowadays the Liveaboard trips is the most convenient and intresting way of the discovery of the underwater world. www.lighthouse-1.com

give for participants in the raffle this prize:
Voucher for ordered any dry suit Otter worth 740 EUR

Otter is an English manufacturer of dry suits with nearly thirty years of tradition. It offers various options such as neoprene and membrane suits made of various materials. Otter suits are characterized by high resistance and quality workmanship.
Suits can be configured by the customer. It offered them a large number of accessories such as podobleky, dry gloves, and hood etc.
We can also supply replacement cuffs, glue and masking tape suitable for service of suits.


give for participants in the raffle this prize:
Vouchers for 2 divers containing 10 diving package for each, PRISCAPAC DIVING CENTRE, Island Korcula, Croatia (Technical Divers friendly Diving Base) worth 600 EUR

OC Rec 3 gas nitrox recreational computer
OC Tec Multi gas, trimix decompression computer
CC INT Closed circuit fixed PPO2
Gauge Bottom timer with stop watch and dive logging
User Replaceable AA Battery
Air, Nitrox, Trimix capable
Quick OC bailout from CC
3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass
Dive Planning
Buhlmann GF algorithm
Optional VPM-B algorithm
Dive Logging
Upgradeable Firmware
Smart Ready Bluetooth Interface
Zippered Pouch
Screen Resolution 320x240 QVGA
Display Type Full colour LED LCD
Battery Type Single AA (any type)
Battery Life
AA Alkaline 35 Hours
SAFT LS14500 100 Hours
Number of Gases 5 OC / 5 CC
Computer (WxHxD) 83x74x39mm (3.3"x2.9"21.5")
Package (WxHxD) 120x100x77mm (4.7"x3.9"x3")
Dive Log 1000 Hours
Computer 260g (0.57lbs)
Package 360g (0.79lbs)


give for participants in the raffle this prize:
Vouchers for 2 divers containing 10 diving package for each, PRISCAPAC DIVING CENTRE, Island Korcula, Croatia (Technical Divers friendly Diving Base) worth 600 EUR


paid for participating in the raffle following prizes:
XDEEP BLACK BT – Bottom timer worth 249 €
Full set Sidemount STEALTH 2.0 worth 540 €

XDEEP BLACK BT – Bottom timer

Package includes:
  • charger
  • Micro USB cable
  • Micro USB - Port Adapter BLACK USB
  • strap
  • bungee
  • User manual
If the winner will be interested to upgrade to version NITROX ablebo TRIMIX we offered him a 50% discount.
Price: 249 €
Product link 1
Product link 2

Full set Sidemount STEALTH 2.0

Set consists of:
  • Stealth 2.0 Side Mount BC - Wing
  • Stealth 2.0 Side Mount Popruh
  • Medium load system - M 4x1.5kg
  • XDEEP - Butt plate for steel bottle
  • Stealth 2.0 set the battery light
Price: 540 €
Product link 1
Product link 2
Product link 3

Sidemount DIAMOND S complete system worth 543 EUR

DIAMOND side mount diving system was developed and tested by the best Czech cave divers, used during our explorations on Yucatan. There are three inlet/outlet holes, each of them can be used either for inflator or OPV or can be blinded with compatible plug. 3D inner bladder keeps the inflated DIAMOND wing flat, not changing it into a “ball” on your back. It is available in three sizes of buoyancy – S – 80 N; M – 100 N and L – 130 N.
  • 1x complete harness
  • 1x wing DIAMOND S
  • 1x T-weight system large
  • 2x trim pocket
In system included wing, complete harness with all needed D-rings, tri glides, bungees with bolt snaps, two mini backplates for easy and accuracy harnes adjustment, knive with pocket, adjustable crotch strap. Wing have three sockets for inflator knee or OVP valve. You can set inflator in your preffered position. Unused socket is closed with blind plug. Wing inner tube is 3D designed and inflated never change in to a "ball" on your back. Buoyancy for size M is 100N.
Diamond sidemount system is CE certified.
Used materials:
Cordura 1100 for outer blader
high-frequency welded inner tube Cordura 560 with PU coating
RiRi zipper
stainless-steel AISI 316
PA and PP harness bands
Complete system weight is 2,5kg

PIRATE, manufacture and sale of diving equipment give for participants in the raffle following prizes:

The ship SHAMROCK 80x100 cm
Price: 220 €
History of Shamrock
Shamrock was built in the 1930's. Shamrock was the first British yacht built all of wood. During his time ship Shamrock underwent several major modifications so as to achieve its racing speed.
Sir Tom Sopwith was renowned as a designer of aircraft during World War II. In 1932 he bought the yacht in order to gain experience in racing. Sir Tom Sopwith in 1933 began to build the first experience of Endeavour.
Shamrock was subsequently sold to long-term Feirey friend who was also enthusiastic yachtsman.
In 1962, Shamrock was sold to the Italian sailors Piero Scanu.


Price: 450 €
www.epirate.cz Set incluces:
  • Dive wing 16L,
  • steel backplate 3mm,
  • buoy pocket,
  • belt,
  • crotch strap,
  • strap on the bottle,
  • zátěžová kapsa pár vnitřní,
  • weight pockets a few internal stress outer pocket pair,
  • shoulder softeners,
  • complete fittings

give for participants in the raffle this prize:
New Hybrid Sidemount/Backmount BCs worth 650 €

Linky s detailnými popismi produktov:

give for participants in the raffle this prizes worth 600 € and the winner can choose these options:

  • Set of dry gloves with accessories
  • Transport bag according choice
  • DPV-Rucksack in amount

worth: 600 €

Dive Travel, Czech Diving Bottles, Egypt Safari Boat
Company Rene Melicharek give for participants in the raffle this prize: Side Mount Tecline 16 L worth 450 EUR

give for participants in the raffle this prize:
Oxygen Decanting Hose in stainless steel, conection 300 bar, adapter for oxygen conection, analog gauge, manifold. Worth 340 EUR

Diving equipment worth 300 EUR

give for participants in the raffle this prize:
Accomodation and diving package worth 250 EUR
The package contains:

  • applicable for two persons
  • 3 nights/person in our pension included
  • breakfast included
  • dive package included - with free air/nitrox fillings
  • free usage of the drying room (heated throughout the year)

The Attersee - an emeraldgreen adventure !
Welcome to the lake district in Salzkammergut, which is a divers paradise! The hotspot for diving vacations in Austria is found at the lake Attersee – dive into extraordinary clear water with visibility ranges up to 25m. A mysterious world in dark blue and emeraldgreen. The Hotel-Pension Bachtaverne in Weyregg offers in combination with its in-house diving base “Under Pressure” the optimal package for divers in this region! Full service from rooms to diving courses. Just contact us, we'll organize everything - even in winter! Find more information on our website:

give for participants in the raffle this prize:
3 pcs Molex rebreather oxygen sensors worth 240 EUR

Excellent, well proven oxygen cells with a gold plated Molex connection. The sensors have improved response times and temperature compensation.

give for participants in the raffle this prize:
The package for freediving worth 240 EUR
The package contains:

  • course F.I.I. Level 1
  • F.I.I. freediving float
  • F.I.I. noseclip

give for participants in the raffle this prize and the winner can choose these options:

  • 4000 L of Helium for dives in Dahab worth 220 €
  • 15 kg Sofnolime 797 + renting a bailout with standard Trimix to 5 days worth € 220
  • technical diving for 5 days: doubles AIR, stage EAN50 + O2, transport to sites around Dahab worth 210 €
  • diving package Best of Dahab (5 days / 10 dives including 1 day on boat) worth 215 €


give for participants in the raffle this prize:
Weekly hotel accommodation in Dahab PLANET OASIS Standard room for 2 persons with breakfast worth 252 €


give for participants in the raffle this prizes:
1ks GoPro3 Housing ALU 300m LCD worth 270 EUR
1ks GoPro3 Housing Delrin 150m LCD worth 175 EUR



give for participants in the raffle this prize:
KX narrow T - very popular torch for recreational and technical diving. It has 10 W, 1600 lum, and 6 degree beam angle. In set with accu and charger. Worth 175 EUR.


give for participants in the raffle these prizes:
Vibra Tector 730 - diving hand held metal detector worth 139 EUR www.xdive.cz/Vibra-Tector-730-d18.htm
Vibra Quatic 2 - diving hand held metal detector worth 139 EUR www.xdive.cz/Vibra-Quatic-2-d159.htm


give for participants in the raffle this prize:
3x 20kg Sofnolime 797 worth 3x 120 EUR


give for every winner in the raffle this prize:
Stylish diving T-shirts ADRENALINE ADDICTS - CAVE ARROW worth 20 EUR



Peter Kubička
Head of International TECHMEETING 2012 & 2015

For any questions and information please contact us.

International DAN Divers Day

8th February 2015
Bratislava – Slovak republic

Advances in Diving Medicine & Research

An event DAN Europe to improve the safety of diving

The International DAN Divers Day will be organized as a satellite symposium of the 17th Annual Technical Diving Conference International Techmeeting 2015, that takes part from 6th February 2015 until 8th February 2015 in Bratislava (www.techmeeting.eu). The official languages of the Symposium will be English but simultaneous translation facilities will be available..

Renown scientist and researchers Prof. Alessandro MARRONI. M.D., Prof. Costantino BALESTRA, PhD a MSc. Miroslav ROZLOZNIK, PhD. will talk about diving medicine and safety, presenting the latest advances, updates and current research. Emphasis will be made on clear, take-home messages for the divers, as well as on stressing the essential and pivotal role of DAN to foster the current, more advanced, diver-oriented and diving safety-oriented international diving research.

Prof. Dr. Alessandro MARRONI. M.D.

Prof. Alessandro Marroni is the founder and President of DAN Europe, Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the International DAN.

Prof. Costantino BALESTRA, MSc, PhD

Professor at Haute Ecole Paul Henri Spaak (Pôle Universitaire de Bruxelles Wallonie)
Vice-President DAN Europe Research & Education
President of European Underwater and Baromedical Society
Area Director DAN Europe Benelux & France

Dr. Miroslav ROZLOZNIK, PhD.

Lecturer at Faculty of Natural Sciences Comenius Universtity Bratislava
Area manager DAN Europe Slovensko
Leading instructor of diving school LE Divers

Articles of symposium

  • Presentation of the misie v oblasti mission of DAN Europe in the field of the safety of diving by Prof. Alessandro MARRONI. M.D., Founder and CEO of DAN EUROPE .
  • Current advances in diving research by Prof. Costantino BALESTRA, PhD, Vicepresident of DAN EUROPE for research and President of European Underwater and Baromedical Society.
  • Official opening and presentation of DAN Europe Slovensko activities by MSc.. Miroslav Rozloznik, PhD.
  • Promotion of the first Slovak DAN Europe safety campaing focused on optimal hydratation of diver
  • Presentation of the book: Science of Diving: Things your instructor never told you.
The book was created as part of an international project Phypode and on create contributed 35 leading authors-scientists working in the field of hyperbaric medicine and diving physiology. The book provides the latest issue decompression, decompression sickness, their treatment, as well as information on procedures for decompression diving work.
    Even though the book written by scientists, is written in a popular form and is open to all who want to learn the latest decompression stress, nitrogen disease and its treatment. Therefore, the book is intended for general as well as experts. It is written in an easy "unscientific" form.
    The presentation will also be autographing of the book with trio of authors Prof. Alessandro Marron. M. D., Prof. Costantino Balestra MSc, PhD and MSc. Miroslav Rozložník, PhD.
    The book can be purchased online through Amazon or Morebooks.
    Profit from the sale of this book will be used to support young scientists working in the field of diving physiology and medicine.


Costantino Balestra - Full-time Professor & Head of the Integrative Physiology Lab at the Haute Ecole Paul Henri Spaak; and Peter Germonpré - Medical Director of the Centre for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of the Military Hospital Brussels, Belgium. Co-editors: M. Rozloznik, P. Buzzacott, D. Madden. European Underwater and Baromedical Society

Book presentation:

DAN Europe invites all recreational and technical divers, dive guides, diving instructors, search and rescue personnel, underwater photographers, diving physicians and other interested individuals to attend.

Other Speakers of International Techmeeting 2015 in the field of Diving Medicine
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arne SIEBER, Dr. Frank HARTIG, Prof. MUDr. František NOVOMESKÝ, PhD., prof. MUDr. Radek PUDIL, Ph.D., MUDr. David SKOUMAL, MUDr. Ondřej FRANĚK and MUDr. Ladislav BARATH

  1. All lectures will be simultaneously translated into the languages ENG / SK / PL by headphones.
    If interested in any language is necessary participation of minimum 30 listeners in that language.
    Alle Präsentationen werden simultan in die Sprachen englisch, slovakisch und polnisch übersetzt. Wenn Interesse an anderen Spachen besteht, ab 30 Teilnehmer können auch andere Sprachen übersetzt werden.
    Tutte le presentazioni saranno tradotte simultaneamente nelle lingue ENG / SK / PL tramite le cuffie.
    Se interessati in qualsiasi altra lingua è necessaria la partecipazione minima di 30 partecipanti per ogni singola lingua.
    Wszystkie wykłady będą tłumaczone na bieżąco w 3 językach angielski, słowacki, polski. Poprzez system słuchawek. By tłumaczenie w danym języku się odbyło musi zebrać się grupa minimum 30 osób.

  2. T-shirt International Techmeeting 2015
    The T-shirts made for the 2015 International Techmeeting were designed by the new fashion diving brand DIWEAR, which will have its premiere at the TM2015.
    Their philosophy is quality products with a diving theme, designed for everyday wear.
    The original design is their own making; excellent cuts and materials are the attributes which form the core of their work. The graphic motive for TM2015 is based on one of the main topics of the conference - wreck diving.
    A T-shirt can only be purchased when booking a ticket and is therefore only a limited edition piece; hence it will become a valuable souvenir for the conference participants.

  3. Raffle
    The raffle will be held at the end of the TM2015 program. The winner must receive the prize personally, that is, it will not be posted to the recipient. If the announced participant is not present in the hall at the time when his/her name is drawn, the prize is forfeited and a new name is drawn for that prize.

  4. Beginning and end of the program
    TM2015 official program begins on Saturday, 07/02/2015 at 8am and will run until 6pm.
    A festive reception with live music will be held on Saturday from 8pm.
    On Sunday the program will include lectures from 8am until 4pm.
    At the end of the program on Sunday from 4pm until 5pm, the raffle drawing from the participants who are present will take place.

  5. Rebreather forum
    TM2015 official program begins on Saturday, 07/02/2015 at 8am and will run until 6pm.
    For those interested in the issue of rebreathers the II. year of the rebreather forum will take place during the TM2015 on Friday, 06/02/2015 at 6pm. Entry is only permitted with a valid ticket for the TM2015.

  6. Reception
    On Saturday, 07/02/2015, after the lecture program, a festive banquet will be held from 8pm. Food will be provided in the form of a buffet, accompanied by a live band.
    It's a chance to meet each other, talk amongst each other, ask the speakers any questions which might not have been possible to address during the lectures due to a limited allocated time dedicated to audience questions. Since the day will be very busy with one lecture starting immediately after another, there may not be sufficient time to get to know new faces or discuss matters in a lot of detail, and therefore a festive banquet is exactly where this will be made possible. It will run as an informal event with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.
    The dress code is not stated, but adequately smart, but of course comfortable clothes are to be worn.

  7. Important administrative information for visitors of Techmeeting 2015.
    As of yesterday (15/01/2015) all the acknowledgments of received payments for tickets were sent out to the email addresses provided at registration. In case you did not receive this email (check your SPAM bin), and you paid the ticket fee to our account, please contact me.
    Due to the shortness in time and because email is not a reliable method of delivery, to be sure you can call me on the phone (+421905108699), and that way we can clarify.
    On several occasions in the past it has happened that we had not received the electronic registration for the TM2015 after it was sent from our website. Due to this issue we have changed due to the server, but even then there have been cases that it had not been delivered to us. Therefore, if someone made a reservation and received no email reply from us, you may also prefer to phone us.
    We are receiving questions on the possibility of ordering T-shirts and caps. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible, because we had to meet the deadline for production and therefore we have stopped any incoming orders and those that we have already received, we passed on to production.
    We have also long since stopped the possibility of ordering a parking space at the hotel. Due to the great interest, all the places that the hotel was able to guarantee us have quickly been booked up.
    Generally, if you have any concerns, please contact me immediately, but due to the short timescale before the start of TM2015, it would be referable if you telephoned and that will make it easier to that resolve any ambiguities or organizational issues that you may have.

  8. To this date, all tickets were sent via email. In case you did not get a ticket, please feel free to contact us immediately.
    Thank you.

Hot news!

Livestream - live showing of some talks and events from International Techmeeting 2015

We decided for this for several reasons. We are supporters of new technologies; we do things differently than the usual, and not only in diving. Time constraints does not allow all those interested in TM2015 to participate. At this moment in time, almost all the tickets for the TM2015 are sold out. It is extremely useful to return to talks repeatedly and even at a later point at one’s own convenience. These are all considerations for why we decided to go through with it. Even though it is only a few days until the beginning of the event and this will mean a lot of extra work in addition to existing organizational responsibilities we will do it.

Since this form has not been implemented at the Techmeetings ever before, it is a "new territory" for us. Therefore, we decided to livestream talks in the hall F2 (small hall) and the Rebreather forum. List of talks and speakers can be found in the program with red field and the text "LIVESTREAM". In addition, we will include into the live stream of the opening of the Hall of Fame and the prize giving ceremony TM2015. A great advantage of this technology is that once you purchase an online ticket to the live stream, you will be automatically granted offline access so that you can see the individual talks at a later time (30 days). After the end of the conference the entire recording of the talks divided into individual presentations and each of them will be available to be viewed up to 5 times.
Those who are in possession of a ticket directly to attend Techmeeting 2015, you will be able to purchase the offline version of the live stream on the spot for a small fee.

The experience from this year will be used as a guide in the coming years, as the technology advances are incorporated into the next events.

Since it is a new addition in the recent days, due to organizational and technical reasons, we will conduct the translation of the talks into English in the form of consecutive interpreting (the interpreter listens to a certain part of speech and translates it into the language required, i.e. interpreter alternates with the speaker). The actual lectures will be in the language of the speaker.

The price for online access is € 49. The price includes online and consequently offline viewing at the end of the conference (5x IP address for different devices, 30 days, 5* views of each talk). * Explanation of the number of views for each talk: after the event, the entire record is divided into individual talk. You can view each talk up to 5 times.
Price of the online access is calculated as the average of the real costs involved in the case of actual attendance (ticket price + transport costs + accommodation allowances) and the content offered.

Online access can be purchased by clicking this link: http://techmeeting-2015.myshopify.com/

In case of technical problems, please call.: +421903568929

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