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High quality scooters from Italian manufacturer Suex. Reliability is the cornerstone of Suex scooter's!
Suex XJOY7 is recereational scooter with a 60-75 min burn time. Being light weight at 19Kg, it travels comfortably at 55 metres a minute. Max. depth rated to 80m.
1x XJoy7 + Saltwaterweight + Charger + Towleash + Towharness + Batt. "ready to dive"

Liquivision X1 - Liquivision - 1.400 €

OC1 Pioneer Limited Edition - Deep "N" Down - 1.550 €
Inspired by diving pioneers, namely Bob Hollis, the driving force behind Oceanic and the innovator behind a 50-year career of equipment development, the Oceanic OC1 Pioneer redefines history with a tough yet timeless design. Each is part of an exclusive Limited Edition of only 1,000 individually numbered watches available worldwide. The OC1 Pioneer features strong and stylish upgrades including a titanium band durable enough to withstand the roughest conditions, an ultra-modern matte black finish and a lens made more rugged by a coating of liquid diamonds.

In honor of Hollis and all of diving's forward thinkers who inspire us to redefine the limits of what is possible, this exceptional timepiece comes packaged with Bret Gilliam's 489-page collection of interviews, "Diving Pioneers and Innovators." This impressive coffee-table book is signed by Hollis, and shares the achievements and most memorable moments of diving’s great legends.

Liveboard Lighthouse Miracle 1 - Lighthouse Dive Center - 1.400 €
VOUCHER Liveboard Lighthouse Miracle 1
7 days Liveboard safari in Egypt for 2 persons

Vouchers for 2 divers - Priščapac Diving Center - 600 €
Vouchers for 2 divers containing 10 diving package for each, PRISCAPAC DIVING CENTRE, Island Korcula, Croatia (Technical Divers friendly Diving Base)       
FINN LIGHT 750 Short - FINN SUB s.r.o.- 529 €

Cordless primary diving light for all scuba divers with enough capacity for 3 dives. Hard Elox surface which is resistant to abrasion and salt water.


FINN LIGHT 750 Short - FINN LIGHT- 529 €

Cordless primary diving light for all scuba divers with enough capacity for 3 dives. Hard Elox surface which is resistant to abrasion and salt water.


STREAM 20 set - DTD - 500 €
Set composed of the wing STREAM 20 and the stainless-steel backplate 3 mm. Just fasten double tanks and add a regulators and a diver.


Poseidon Xstream Deep Regulator - Titanic Diving- 500 €

The regulator of choice for demanding divers using air or trimix O2 Certfied. Outstanding performance and certified to 200 metres.


Tailor-made undersuit Weezle Extreme+ - Weezle
Top of the Weezle thermal range of undersuits, offering exceptional protcction from the cold & comfort; possibly the warmest undersuit on the market.

OMS Lerry Green 70 lb - OMS - 340 €
The 70 lb. Larry Green Signature Series bladder incorporates the latest thinking in hydrodynamic engineering. World renowned underwater cave explorer Larry green conceptualized this innovative design after many years of deep caving experience. This Bladder is designed and tailored to fit the full length of the cylinders providing increased control over trim and the reduced width dramatically reduces drag. This bladder is one of the first to be specifically tailored to fit aluminum 80 cu. ft. and taller cylinders. It is compatible with all OMS Harnesses, Back Plates and Accessories, as well as many others.

MARK V. „antique 10 kg”- PIRATE Diving Helmets - 600 €
Antique Reproduction - Full-Sized Deep Sea Diving Helmet

Analox O2 EII - REEF D.O.O.- 300 €

NATO Coded, the O2EII uses a unique sample dome flow adaptor to enable you to take readings directly from a Gas cylinder - ideal for verification of O2 content in Dive tanks and cylinders and an essential part of any rebreather divers tool kit.
The new Analox O2EII® is designed to be a major step forward in diver safety. Building on the success of the original O2DII* the O2EII® retains all the qualities of the original plus many new features:

-Comfort grip
-Freeze display
-Water resistant
-Auto switch off


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Dry pack KUBI
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  • Additional thermal protection KUBI

    Durable aluminium rings, are unlike plastic ones, extremely strong and light. They are fully resistant to hot and cold conditions.They allow a watertight connection dry gloves dry and wet suit.
    Dry diving gloves are used to maintain thermal comfort in diving to a better sensitivity in the fingers and hands when handling the objects under water.
    Ideal for use on photos and video, to work with line and below. Compared with neopren have about 10x less thickness in sufficient strength.
    The design allows for the deployment of any sleeves (neoprene, latex, rubber) gloves and fitting any of the material (plastic, rubber, etc..) and thickness (up to 1.5 mm).

    Passive thermal protection system KUBI

    Set of KUBI diving bags for technical diving


    Nikon L23 + undewater housing Ikelite - UWH - Podvodní pouzdra - 295 €

    Nikon L23
    The COOLPIX L23 features ultra-slim styling, high performance and advanced functions for shooting ease. And a 5x zoom NIKKOR lens with 28 mm wide-angle coverage* provides the optical quality and compositional freedom to get truly creative.

    Ikelite Underwater Housing for Nikon L23
    The ULTRAcompact Ikelite Housing for Nikon L23 is high quality, built to last and backed by Ikelite's long-standing reputation for excellence.
    All camera controls are fully functional through the housing and depth rated to 200 ft. (60m). Easy open latch and drop in camera loading make set-up a breeze.
    Two 12-24 threaded mounts on the bottom of the housing allow for the secure, rotation-free attachment of optional trays and lighting accessories.

    Set ATX40/DS4 + ATX40 - Apeks - 280 €
    The ATX40/DS4 features a smaller, lighter, lower profile 2nd stage than the TX40 2nd stage.

    We believe that your regulator should be as flexible as you are. So the ATX40 retains our well proven diver adjustable venturi together with a 'technician-adjustable' balanced second stage and balanced first stage. The combination of this second stage and the DRY SEALED first stage offers an excellent regulator for diving anywhere in the world at a very competitive price. The design of our second stage offers a smooth breathe which enhances your dive enjoyment.

    Fourth Element ARCTIC - Fourth Element - 225 €
    The Arctic's two layers of high insulation, low bulk fabric, ensure exceptional levels of thermal protection. Constructed with comfort and utility in mind, the minimalist design provides outstanding performance under closer fitting neoprene drysuits. In a layering system (see here), the Arctic is also suited for use underneath membrane and trilaminate suits.

    Cross Over Scuba Equalizer Hose - TENSIO TECHNOLOGY - 220 €
    Cross Over Hose Tank to Tank Equalizer w/Gauge
    Constructed of high pressure 300 bar hose and made to equalize or fill one tank from another. Set up to equalize from the tank with highest pressure to the tank with the lowest pressure. Comes with bleeder valve to safely detach and ready to help make your scuba diving safe and fun.

    UWATEC digital 330 - EQUILIBRIUM - 150 €
    UWATEC digital 330
    NEW Digital 330, from UWATEC.Building on this world renowned, unique instrument, the new digital dive timer has been updated with UWATEC's latest, advanced dive computer technology.
    The exisiting dive information is integrated with an instrument that displays depth to 330m, calculates average depth during the dive and displays the ascent rate in metres per minute
    The Digital 330 will cater to technical divers as much as new divers looking for essential dive information.

    Tecdiving stage riggings for 80 cuft tanks - SistemA Sidemount gear - 72,50 €
    3 pcs Stage rigging
    Fits 80 cuft Alu tank, 10 or 12 liter Alu tank, 10 or 12 liter Worthington Carbon/steel tank
    Made of strong 25 millimeter webbing.
    2 Stainless steel hose clamps
    2 Stainless steel bolt snaps (extra big)

    Tecdiving stage riggings for 80 cuft tanks - new SF-2 Rebreather - 72,50 €
    3 pcs Stage rigging
    Fits 80 cuft Alu tank, 10 or 12 liter Alu tank, 10 or 12 liter Worthington Carbon/steel tank
    Made of strong 25 millimeter webbing.
    2 Stainless steel hose clamps
    2 Stainless steel bolt snaps (extra big)

    Official Calendar of International Techmeeting 2012
    Author of calendar: Petr Klier (the author is a commercial diver)
    The photographs in the calendar were taken using a Hasselblad camera, H series with a 40MB data wall, which has two times the area than the fullframe. Nine special flashes from the company Subtronic for Hasselblad were used to illuminate the scene. The original historical diving suit with a Russian helmet "Desjatnik" was purchased, which was consequently renovated and restored. The total weight of the suit and the helmet for a diver reached almost 80kg.

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    Magazine Countdown - The Oficial Newsletter of the International Techmeeting 2012

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    Short introduction about the Speakers at the International Techmeeting 2012, Bratislava
    We are preparing the profiles of the speakers for you.

    Bill Stone   Pascal Bernabe   Phil Short
    Bill STONE
    Legend of Cave diving
      Pascal BERNABE
    Pascal is the deepest diver in scuba diving with a World Record at -330m, Instructor Trainer and Course Director for Cave, Trimix, CCR
      Phil SHORT
    Instructor Trainer Trainer and the Training director CCR & Cave diving
    Brett B Hemphill   Krzysztof Starnawski   Casey MCKINLAY
    Brett B HEMPHILL
    Cave/Rebreather Diving and Exploration, President KUR (Karst Underwater Research)
      Krzysztof STARNAWSKI
    Rebreather Diving Instructor and Cave Diving Instructor, World Record - the deepest CCR dive -283m
      Casey MCKINLAY
    Project Director Woodville Karst Plain Project
    Nick TOUSSAINT   Frantisek Novomesky   Peter Gaertner
    Instructor trainer, Rebreather / Cave / Tmx Instructor
      Professor Frantisek NOVOMESKY, MD, PhD. (EDTC)
    State expert on diving medicine/diving accidents. Chief expert on Forensic Medicine, Ministry of Health, Slovakia
      Peter GAERTNER
    Instructor PSCR
    Daniel Hutnan   Radek Husak   Jiri Hurab
    Daniel HUTNAN
    Cave Diving and Exploration
      Radek HUSAK
    Cave Diving and Exploration, UW Photographer of Cave diving
      Jiri HURAB
    Cave Diving and Exploration
    Miroslav Lukas   Sebastian Popek   Tomek Stachura
    Miroslav LUKAS
    Cave Diver, Constructor of diving equipment
      Sebastian POPEK
    Instructor Trainer, Instructor Trimix & Technical Wreck Level
      Tomek STACHURA
    Trimix Wreck diver
    David Cani   Clemens SCHÜTZENHOFER   Ondrej Franek
    David CANI
    Freediving Instructors International Europe manager, Cave and SCR instructor
    Cave and Wreckdiver, DPV expert
      Ondrej FRANEK, MD
    Chief medical doctor of the emergency services operations center in Prague
    Miloslav KLUGAR   Boris Gol   Michal Scepko
    Miloslav KLUGAR, Dr. , PhD.
    An expert in hyperbaric physiology
      Boris GOL
    Naval and military historian
      Michal SCEPKO
    Military diver, SEALS trained
    Michal Guba   Ales Prochaska   Miloslav Hatak
    Michal GUBA
    Instructor specialty diving activities and training of Police Czech republic
      Ales PROCHASKA
    Diver, inventor, designer and manufacturer of diving equipment.
      Miloslav HATAK
    Commercial diver
    Miroslav Jakoubek        
    Miroslav JAKOUBEK
    Trimix Wreck diver


    We are continuously updating the programme, the current list of presentations

    Welcome and organizational information (10´)
    In memory of Robert Klein (10´)
    Hall of Fame (15´)
    Raffle (45´)

    • CAVE:
    Bill STONE: Explorations at Wakulla Springs: Early Mixed-Gas Cave Diving; Rebreather Development; and 3D Underwater Cave Mapping (60´)
    Bill STONE: Expedition Sump Diving in Sistema Huautla, Sistema Cheve, and Sistema J2 Oaxaca, Mexico 1976 to 2013 (60´)
    Pascal BERNABE:  Caves and wrecks exploration (60´)
    Phil SHORT: A Cave Diver's Journey. 25 years of exploring caves of the world. (60´)
    Brett B HEMPHILL: Overview of Central Florida’s Coastal Karst Features & Weeki Wachee Springs Exploration (60´)
    Krzysztof STARNAWSKI: Cave exploration: The Pit and Pet Cementary and 283 meters on DualRebreather in Dahab.(60´)
    Casey MCKINLAY: WKPP – Wakulla Springs to the Ocean – The Challenge Ahead (60´)
    Daniel HUTŇAN: Ko´ox Baal - The longest mapped out and flooded undewater cave in the world (56 km). (60´)
    Nick TOUSSAINT: Long Cave Diving Exposure Decompression (60')
    Jiri HURAB: Ressel 2011 (60´)
    Daniel HUTNAN, Radek HUSÁK: Expedition Sardinia 2011 (60´)
    Sebastian POPEK: The mines of Tuna-Hästberg (60´)

    • TMX:
    Pascal BERNABE: 330m Under sea (60´)
    Peter GAERTNER: Deepstops - why are they good? (60´)
    David CANI: Direct Deep Safety in Extreme Freediving (30´)

    • RB (CCR/SCR):
    Phil SHORT: CCR, Development, Safety and the Future (60´)
    Brett B HEMPHILL: Logistics for rebreather exploration (60´)
    Krzysztof STARNAWSKI: Dual Rebreather - new dimension in scuba. (60´)
    Krzysztof STARNAWSKI: Cave exploration: The Pit and Pet Cementary and 283 meters on DualRebreather in Dahab.(60´)
    Peter GAERTNER: Safety-Rules for PSCR-diving (60´)
    Ales PROCHASKA: New principle of measurement of oxygen concentration in CCR (15´)

    • WRECKS:
    Pascal BERNABE: My last explorations in wreck in Tunisia and Malta (60´)
    Casey MCKINLAY: 2011 Expedition to the USS Atlanta (CL-51) (60´)
    Tomek STACHURA: Baltictech last projects - Swedish canons, Akademik Karpinski (60´)
    Miroslav JAKOUBEK: Wrecks in Truk Lagoon (60´)
    Boris GOL: Wrecks of the Austro-Hungarians warships sunk in the Adriatic in the period 1914-18 (60´)

    Bill STONE: Discussions (60´)
    Pascal BERNABE: Teaching Cave, CCR, tech basics and new advanced courses.(60´)
    Clemens SCHÜTZENHOFER: Why are DPV´s useful for diving (40´)
    Nick TOUSSAINT: Decompression Rebreather (60')

    Michal SCEPKO: Military diving SEALS (30´)
    Michal GUBA: Special police diving (30´)
    Miloslav HATAK: Commercial diving (60´)

    Professor Frantisek NOVOMESKY, MD, PhD. (EDTC): The Medico-legal Aspects of Diving Accidents (30 Years of Practice: A Review) (60´)
    Professor Frantisek NOVOMESKY, MD, PhD. (EDTC): The Rare Case of Suicide by Use of SCUBA Diving Equipment. (30´)
    Ondrej FRANEK, MD: Mistakes and errors during first aid in emergency situations in a direct or indirect connection with diving (60´)
    Miloslav KLUGAR, Dr. , PhD.: Changes in autonomic nervous system activity in Scuba diving (60')

    Miroslav LUKAS: Collection of historical regulators (15´)

    Description of seven accidents in year 2011 (40´)



    Peter Kubicka
    Head of International TECHMEETING 2012
    +421 905 108 699

    Team International Techmeeting 2012
    Peter Kubicka, Head of International Techmeeting 2012 and Head of Organizing Committee
    Silva Peknik, Founder of Techmeetings and Member of the Organizing Committee
    David Skoumal, Founder of Techmeetings and Member of the Organizing Committee
    Robert Korim, Member of the Organizing Committeeand editor of Magazine Countdown
    Brano Lackovic, Member of the Organizing Committee

    Thomas Stenius, Publicity
    Michal Sevecek, Creating Graphics and Websites
    David Cani, Coordination of Certain Parts of the Accompanying Program
    and other colleagues involved in preparatory work


    City Hotel Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovak republic
    Accommodation and meals can be booked simultaneously with the payment of the participation fee.
    High-speed WiFi throughout hotel area.

    hotel rooms

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    Contents of the International Techmeeting 2012

    Thematic topics of talks at International Techmeeting 2012:

  • Cave
  • Wrecks
  • Decompression theories
  • History
  • Legends
  • Accidents
  • Side Mount&No Mount
  • Diving Equipment (Scooters, Diving Computers etc.)
  • Professional diving
  • Diving Medicine and Rescue
  • Freediving
  • Sport diving
  • Timeline of the programme:

    Friday (3.2.2012)

    from 02.00 pm. Registration of participants
    Saturday (4.2.2012)
    07.00 am. Registration of participants
    08.15 am. Opening and organizational information
    08.30 am. First block of the programme
    11.00 am. In memory of Robert Klein
    11.15 am. Second block of the programme
    01.00 pm. Lunch
    02.00 pm. Third block of the programme
    04.00 pm. Diving Hall of Fame (introducing a new member)
    04.15 pm. Fourth block of the programme
    09.00 pm. Late night fun diving party
    Sunday (5.2.2012)
    09.00 am. Fifth block of the programme
    02.00 pm. Lunch
    03.00 pm. Sixth block of the programme
    05.00 pm. Raffle
    06.00 pm. Ending of the programme

    Model of a 60 minute presentation:
    Duration of the talk: 50´
    Discussion with the audience: 10´

    Model of a 30 minute presentation:
    Duration of the talk: 25´
    Discussion with the audience: 5´

    Presentations will take place simultaneously in two halls A and B. Presentations of companies will be held in hall C according to the programme schedule.

    Allocation of halls according to type, programme and capacity:

    Main Hall A (blue hall) - congress hall, talks, 350 people capacity - cinema-style seating
    Room B (green hall) - congress hall, talks, 150 people capacity - cinema-style seating
    Room C (red hall) - presentation hall, presentation of companies, 60 people capacity - cinema-style seating
    Room D (yellow hall) - video hall, video loop of diving movies video, 30 people capacity - cinema-style seating
    Room E (purple hall) - exhibition hall, exhibitors, exhibitor's stands

    Accompanying events:

  • Exhibition of unique historical helmets
  • Exhibition of rare collection of historic diving regulators
  • Continuous screening of exceptional current and historical diving movies
  • Presentations of exhibitors and exhibitions of diving products and services

  • Raffle

  • Scooter Suex XJOY 7
  • Liquivision X1
  • Oceanic OC 1 PIONEER Limited Edition Complete System
  • Lighthouse Dive Center - VOUCHER Liveboard Lighthouse Miracle 1
  • PRIŠĆAPAC DIVING CENTRE – vouchers for 2 divers containing 10 diving package for each
  • DTD Stream 20 stainless-steel backplate 3 mm
  • OMS Lerry Green 70 lb
  • PIRATE Diving Helmets - MARK V. „antique 10 kg” Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 45 cm
  • PIRATE Diving Equipment - gift voucher
  • Dry pack KUBI
  • UWH - Podvodní pouzdra - Nikon L25 + undewater housing Ikelite
  • Weezle - Tailor-made undersuit Weezle Extreme+
  • Fourth Element - ARCTIC 2 PIECE (TOP, LEGGINGS, BAG)
  • REEF D.O.O. - Analox O2 EII
  • TENSIO TECHNOLOGY - Cross Over Scuba Equalizer Hose W/Gauge
  • Set of KUBI diving bags for technical diving
  • AQUAREA - 4 tickets for year 2012 to the AQUAREA sport areal.
  • PIRATE Diving School - 10 pairs of swimming goggles
  • DIVE 2000 Production - Regulator Bonaire – Subgear - 2nd stage, Scubapro - bag, Book - Cesty za tichom 1, DVD 01 Slovensko/Kráľovná Karpát
  • FINN SUB s.r.o. - FINN LIGHT 750 Short
  • SistemA Sidemount gear - 3x Tecdiving stage riggings for 80 cuft tanks
  • new SF-2 Rebreather - 3x Tecdiving stage riggings for 80 cuft tanks
  • Titanic Diving - Poseidon Xstream Deep Regulator
  • Apeks - Set ATX40/DS4 + ATX40
  • iQsub - GoPro housing, operational depth - 150m (Delrin)
  • Mentes - Travel CCR package (oxygen sensor Teledyne R22D and 2 pcs travel package absorbent Sofnolime 797)
  • Centrum Techniki Nurkowej - personal filter and Voucher for one wreck diving week in Poland (2 days) for 2 person
  • White Arrow - Cave specific Diving Equipment - FAS-t line measuring device

  • Potential Speakers

    If you think you have an interesting theme to present for the International Techmeeting 2012, please contact us. Your projects, expeditions, theories or technology - we want to hear about it.

    Terms and Conditions for exhibitors on International Techmeeting 2012

    All exhibitors are very welcome and the conditions to becoming an exhibitor are very simple:

    1)  There is no monetary fee for an exhibition space. The exhibition space can be acquired by simply donating a prize to the raffle, which will be the highlight of the International Techmeeting 2012 program.

    2)  For a 5m2 exhibitor space, exhibitors must offer a raffle prize which equals the amount of 150 €. The prize could, for example, be the exhibitors products.

    3)  If the exhibitor requires a space larger than 5m2, the prize offered must equal the multiple of the space desired. For example: 10 m2 = prize equal to 2x150 € = 300 €, 15 m2 = prize equal to 3x150 €= 450 €, etc.

    4)  The exhibitor may place an advertisement banner into the main room of the International Techmeeting 2012.

    5)  The exhibitor may add his promotional materials into the welcome package, which every visitor will obtain.

    6)  The exhibitor may place his digital presentation onto an official DVD, which will be received by all visitors.

    7)  The exhibitor may use the small hall for his presentation, which will be announced in the official program of the International Techmeeting 2012.

    8)  The exhibitor will personally award the prize of the raffle by announcing the winner, and may address a short speech to the audience.

    9)  Organizator will put the exhibitors logo on our web page ( Conditions are valid until 31/12/2011.

    The exhibitor will pay 200 EUR registration fee from 1/1/2012.


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